Psychometric test for career selection

The test is free and will be available as a pilot project.

The test is free and will be available as a pilot project.

CareerChacha is soon introducing CareerAdvisor, a test to assist you in the career search process and help you make informed career decisions. It explores your interests, skills, values, identity and personality based on the individual traits. The test is suited for students who are looking to transition to a new career or are just starting out.


Today the students are forced to choose the career either suggested by their parents or relatives. Sometimes students select the streams because their classmates do so. We cannot judge the students merely on the basis of their mark sheets.

We need to understand that each student is unique. Respecting this uniqueness, we must encourage the student to follow his intuition. We help in identifying those fields where the student can perform optimally.

Theory behind the test

  1. Individuals are more likely to be satisfied by jobs that meet their needs.
  2. They are more likely to perform better if they have the abilities necessary to do the job.
  3. One will perform better if satisfied, and will be more satisfied the better they perform.
  4. Lastly, individuals will stay on the job longer if satisfied and performing well.


Your interests, values, aspects of your identity, personality traits and skills actually develop a picture of your career preferences. Followings are some aspects that the test considers to discover potential career options that may be a fit.

  • Education and skill requirements
  • Typical positions
  • Day-to-day job operations
  • Industry trends and developments
  • Personality traits valued by the field

The test is completely free and no pre-registration is required. We don’t ask for any confidential information. The report of the test is sent to the email address, you use. The link will be available soon.