Networking is the process of making connections and building relationships that provide you with information, advice, and further contacts, all of which will enhance your ability to make informed career decisions and tap into unadvertised internship/job vacancies. For successful networking you should be genuinely curious about people, and to approach it as a way to learn from experienced professionals.

Networking tips

1. Be available: Take advantage of opportunities to meet people at events and networking groups.
2. Express acknowledgement: Thank those who help you whether for quick conversation or introduction to new contact or referral to an opportunity.
3. Keep tack of your contacts: Be sure to get the contact information of the people you meet.
4. Maintain contact: Make efforts to reach out to memebers of your network regularly.
5. Ask for advice: It shows that you are valuing other’s opinions.

How to introduce yourself?

Create a one minute introduction. Practice your introduction. Smile, make eye contact and firmly shake hands. A few questions can help you prepare introduction.

I am interested in the following career field:
I am interested in this area because:
I have related work experience, academic experience, or extracurricular experience from: