Networking is the process of making connections and building relationships with professionals. It provides you with information, advice, and further contacts.

Networking will enhance your ability to make informed career decisions and tap into unadvertised internship or job vacancies. For successful networking you should be genuinely curious about people.

You should take networking as a way to learn from experienced professionals.

Networking tips

1. Be available: First advice for networking is to take advantage of opportunities to meet people at events and networking groups.

2. Express acknowledgement: You should make it a habit to thank anyone who helps you whether for quick conversation or introduction to new contact or referral to an opportunity.

3. Keep track of your contacts: You should try to get the contact information of the people you meet. No body knows where you may need the help of that person.

4. Maintain contact: This is a very simple but most useful advice. You should try to reach out to members of your network regularly.

5. Ask for advice: When you ask for anyone’s advice, It shows that you are welcoming other’s opinions. Others also feel more respectful when you listen to them.

How to introduce yourself?

This is the most common challenge- how should you introduce yourself? You can create a one minute introduction and practice it so that you are well versed.

Following points can help you prepare your one-minute introduction.

  • Think the field on which you are interested.
  • Why are you interested in that particular area?
  • What are your related work experience, academic experience, or extra-curricular experience in that field?
  • How can a person help you?

You should introduce yourself by firmly shaking hands with a smile on your face.

  • Start with “Hi, I’m [insert your name]” then ask “What brings you here today?” Or “What is your role at (organization)”.
  • Listen to the response and ask a follow up conversation or comment on something that was said. Express interest in the person’s work and comment or ask a question (about projects, products, news items).
  • Other person may ask you “What are you studying?” or “What brings you here?”
  • Respond with your area of study and share 1 or 2 comments about your interests in and any relevant  academic or extracurricular work experiences.

Sample Introduction Conversation

Person A- Hi, my name is XYZ. What is your role at Mckinsey?

Person B- I am a data analyst.

Person A- Great. I think you might be working on statistical tool like SAS, R etc.

Person B- Yes I work on Scala, a similar tool. What brings you here?

Person A- I am working as Business Analyst at American Express. Can you share me your contacts?

Person B- Yes sure. This is my card. Call me for any help.

Person A- Thanks a lot.