When an employer understands that you have the necessary skills and experience, you are invited for the interview. An interview is the most personal part of the job search process which evaluates one’s skills, experience, motivation and presentation. The interviewer determines whether the candidate would fit in the existing culture. But as a candidate your aim should be to prove that you are the right person for the role.

How to prepare?

1. Research
Explore as much as possible about the position, organization and industry. Go through the company’s website, blog and social media profiles. The more you understand, the better you can prepare for the interview.

2. Identify
Identify the purpose why do you want the particular job. Find how your experience and accomplisments complement the skills required by the position.

3. Practice
Practice the interview with the friends or career counselors or professionals. Some prople practice it by writing the answers for commonly asked questions. Practicing interview in front of mirror can be useful to some extent. However we advise you to take help of professions. To take practice interviews with us, visit our services.

Interview types

1. Traditional interviews: About interests, strengths & experience
2. Behavioral interviews: To determine future with past actions
3. Technical interviews: Only technical questions
4. Case interviews: Based on hypothetical case questions
5. Brainteasers: Puzzles & guesstimates