Group discussion

group discussion

Group Discussion is conducted to evaluate candidates’s personalities by the recruiters. This round comes after the aptitude test. In GD a group of 8-15 candidates is given a specific time (20-30 minutes) to discuss any common topic.

The candidates are assessed their group dynamics qualities.

10 tips to crack GD

1. We all have certain preferences and characteristics which make us feel more comfortable & natural. So be what you are. Just participate in GD as a normal discussion.

2. Sit comfortable and straight. Loose posture show lack of confidence.

3. GD is about having a diversity in opinions. So accept other’s opinion even if you are right.

4. If you have the complete knowledge of the subject, start the discussion. One who starts discussion should give some facts and figures while starting.

5. Show your disagreement, but it should not mean that they are wrong.

6. If you raise objection on others’ views, support it with a solid fact and low voice.

7. Take you turn, but allow others to speak.

8. Observe carefully and choose the right moment to speak. If others don’t listen, your point has no value.

9. Face the participants, not the judge of the discussion.

10. Don’t indulge in fish-market situation. If such situations occur, remain calm.

GD Mistakes

  • Trying to be some one else.
  • Starting the discussion, if you have no facts and figures about the topic.
  • Crossing someone’s point in high voice.
  • Speaking even if no one is listening.
  • Not paying attention to what others are speaking.

After all remember, this is only a group discussion. You never know the judge’s criteria for the selection. Just be who are and give your best.


A group discussion evaluates how well you listen, how clearly you make your point and how better can you coordinate, lead or follow in a group.