CV writing

cv writingA curriculum vitae (or CV) provides comprehensive description of your academic and professional achievements. It is often used while applying to graduate school and also for teaching or research position.

Are resume and CV same?

A resume is required for jobs and it focuses on relevant experience, skills and accomplishment in a concise and clear way. One page resume works fine!

A CV is needed for academic and research positions. It has more detailed contents related to academic and research achievements. CVs are generally 2 page or longer.

What to include?

Following heading are almost compulsory to be present in a CV.

  • Contact information: Name, address, email and mobile number
  • Education: School, degree, passing year & percentage of marks
  • Research Experience: Past or present projects
  • Teaching Experience: Roles as lectures or teaching assistant or course development etc.
  • Publications: All journal articles or manuscripts
  • Conference papers/Invites talks/presentations
  • Professional memebership
  • Honors/Awards/Grants/Fellowships

You can also include these sections in your CV.

  • Relevant coursework
  • Community services
  • Interests/Activities
  • Languages

Best CV writing practices

  • Generally a CV is 2-4 page in length.
  • Since its length is longer, you should make sure that it is easy to read the CV.
  • Use topical headings according to their order of priority. Generally more emphasis is given to the contents which come first.

CV Format

cv format

Download sample CV.