Aptitude test

aptitude testAbility to analyze quantitative data and ability to communicate verbally are always among the top skills employers seek in the hires. The aptitude test checks communicative English, quantitative skills and reasoning ability of the candidates.

What does aptitude test include?

1. Communicative English

Reading comprehensions, vocabulary and grammar along with basic writing skills in the form of article or email is asked.

2. Quantitative Ability

Basic arithmetic, percentage, work-time and data interpretation problems are present. The questions check how well you understand elementary mathematics and how do you apply your knowledge in solving problems.

3. Reasoning Ability

It has problems related to verbal reasoning as well as non-verbal reasoning. These questions basically test your analytical and logical reasoning abilities.

4. Coding problems (for software developer roles)

The aptitude test may also contain a few basic programming problems. These questions are based on C or Java and test how well versed the candidate is with the coding skills.

Tips for cracking aptitude tests

1. The aptitude test acts as a screening test, to select limited candidates from crowd. So there is no need of special coaching.

2.  Most recruiters have sectional cut-off criteria, so remember to attempt the questions from all the sections in the test.

3. Practice 7-10 online aptitude tests.

4. What matters is speed along with accuracy. Many questions can be solved just by eliminating the wrong answers.

If you prepare well for aptitude tests, It will also help in further rounds for the job. You will find very comfortable in case interviews, puzzles and guesstimates.