Aptitude test

Ability to analyze quantitative data and ability to communicate verbally are always among the top skills employers seek in the hires. Therefore aptitude tests play a key role in job preparation.

What does aptitude test include?

Aptitude test has three parts. It comprises of communicative English, quantitative skills and reasoning ability. Please understand that the topics provided below are important, but not limited.
1. Communicative english consists of questions based on comprehensions, vocabulary and grammar. Sometimes writing skills are also present.
2. Quantitave skills includes basic arithmetic, percentage, work-time and data interpretation problems.
3. Reasoning ability has problems related to verbal reasoning as well as non-verbal reasoning.
The aptitude test may also contain a few basic programming problems however it is specific for software developer roles.

Tips for cracking aptitude tests

1. Remember to attempt the questions from all the section so that you clear the sectional cut-off.
2. The aptitude test is only a screening test.
3. Take free aptitude tests which are available online.
4. Don’t rush as speed along with accuracy matters.
5. Eliminate as many wrong answers as you can.