The Top 5 Most Valued Job Skills Every Employer Is Looking For

most valued skillsEvery job requires different set of technical knowledge and abilities. Beyond that there are certain job skills and competencies that almost every employer is looking for.

These skills increase you value in whichever field you are. These are the points that you may highlight in your resume, CV, cover letter and interview talking points irrespective of the position.

Numerous surveys with recruiters, managers and candidates reveal the top 5 most valued skills.

1. Communication skills- both verbal and written

Even in the interview, how you talk about your strengths and what you bring to the table for the employer are a part of communication skills.

In job you will have to communicate with persons inside and outside of the organization- managers, clients or colleagues. Natural talent helps, but anyone can learn the best practices of communication skills.

2. Teamwork

Almost every job requires employees to collaborate in a team. You may talk about the academic group projects or extracurricular team experiences.

If you lack talking points for teamwork, you may start volunteering in various team project. Understanding group dynamics is helpful for better performance in a team.

You can take the help of MBTI test to identify your personality type and then work on improving team performance.

3. Initiative

Initiative is more about looking for opportunities and putting you out there. You can demonstrate the skill by talking about the online courses you took for improving your abilities.

Employers want self-starters who are constantly looking for the ways to contribute instead of waiting for assignments. Victor Hugo famously said- Initiative is doing the right thing without being told.

4. Ability to make decisions and solve problem

Whenever you work on any project, some unexpected obstacles will appear in the way. You will need to solve the existing problem and make a decision.

Actually making decision is more about taking the responsibility and believing in something. This is one of the skills which is expected in leadership roles.

5. Ability to sell or influence others

If you are able to sell your ideas and influence others, your skills has a great value.

Almost every organization is producing something for its customers, a good salesman is always in demand through his track records.

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