What to Do When You Fail?

I don’t know how many times have you failed? But I have failed many times badly. Am I a failure? Should I stop doing the things that I have failed?

Is there any way to avoid failure? Yes, there is only one way – Stop doing anything new or different!

Does failure take you back? No matter how many mistakes you make, you are always ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.

Follow This 1 Rule And You Will Never Fail Again


2018 has started and most of us would have made some resolution. As a matter of fact, 92 % of people fail to achieve their new year’s resolution. About 80% people forget or break their resolution by the first week of February, in just a month!

So where is the problem- is it with the resolution or something else?

One may say that at the time of new year, one may have set some very ambitious and unrealistic goals.