Can You Sell Yourself In a Job Interview?

interviewMost of us are grown with the feeling that talking about your accomplishments is obnoxious. A job interview is a conversation but it is also an exercise to position yourself for the position.

The interviewer wants to know what makes you stand out from the other candidates. His job is pick the best. If you fail to position yourself as one of the best, you cannot make the deal.

Selling is not lying facts!

There are many candidates who are better than others, but fail to qualify the interview.

Selling yourself does not mean lying facts. Selling is more about communicating your strengths in a compelling way to the interviewer.

The most common reason people fail to sell is their lack of self-understanding. The interview further turns into a nightmare for those who are average in communication.

We suggest three ways anyone can sell oneself before the interviewers-

  1. Understand what the employer is looking for with the help of job descriptions.
  2. Emphasize how you specifically fulfill the requirements.
  3. Sit down and list your top (at least five) selling points.
  4. Practice until you feel comfortable in talking about your strengths and accomplishments in your own voice.

When to start selling

Understanding when to sell is more important than knowing what to sell.

Whenever you are asked the questions with open end – Tell me about yourself, what are your strengths, why should we hire you, how are you a fit for the position or any question that involves your role and responsibilities.


There is nothing wrong in showing your strengths before the interviewer.

Just be sure to present the facts that demonstrate your points.

Whether you are a good speaker or not, you can always learn to sell without feeling like a sellout.

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