How Long Should a Resume Be? Is one page resume fine?

how long should a resume beSurveys indicate that recruiters on average spend 6 seconds to read a resume. Therefore one page resume works great.

Single page resume helps the recruiters scan the required skills, certification and experience at a glance. Moreover the candidates have to focus on the most relevant details that are absolutely mentioned for a specific position.

Is One page resume fine

Most candidates want to put every bit of experience and achievement on resume, just throwing out everything and hope something grabs the recruiters’ interest in 2-3 pages long resume.

Now when the recruiters look on the first half page of such resumes, they may not be impressed. Some relevant skills and experience lie on the other pages which recruiter may ignore.

Keep it short and to the point

Now that you understand one page resume works better, be clear that the ultimate goal of the resume is to get an invitation for an interview. Therefore focus on what is important for the employer, not your goals and interests.

Don’t show as you know everything but master of none. Customize your resume for each position.

Employers just want to know what you can do for them, not the way around. If they want to know anything as such, they will explain in the interview.

Resume is not the right place to put everything, so keep it short and to the point.

Get reviewed

In the whole process, you need to review your resume with a ruthless eye. You can also use our free services, which lets your resume get reviewed by the experts.

Remember your resume makes the first impression before the employer.


Candidates with experience may exceed one page limit. But for freshers it is strictly recommended to one page length. The point is the contents which must be customized for each specific position.

The skills, certifications, experience and achievements must be relevant to the job description.

Keep it clear- only resumes with effective content leave a long lasting impression on the recruiter.

Check a sample one page resume.

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