What font and size should be considered for a standard resume? Can you share a resume?

Many people get stuck while choosing the font and size for a standard resume. Obviously the font should selected carefully.

First of all lets understand the basic purpose of resume.

A resume serves as something that contains the summary of your academics, experience and accomplishments, which make you a better fit for the position.

So overall your resume should be easier to read for the recruiters.

Here are some points that would help you in choosing font type and size.

Most popular font types are Calibri and Times New Roman.

Font size 11 or 12 is generally good.

You should also take care of the resume length- 1 page for freshers and 2 page is enough for experienced candidates.

Take a printout of the resume and review yourself.

Here is the format of a standard resume-



















Download an editable resume format.

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