Follow This 1 Rule And You Will Never Fail Again


2018 has started and most of us would have made some resolution. As a matter of fact, 92 % of people fail to achieve their new year’s resolution. About 80% people forget or break their resolution by the first week of February, in just a month!

So where is the problem- is it with the resolution or something else?

One may say that at the time of new year, one may have set some very ambitious and unrealistic goals.

Here’s how to set an achievable goal

1. Set a measurable goal

Suppose you want to reduce weight, then “reducing 2 KG weight each week” is an example of specific and measurable goal.

2. The goal should personally meaningful

If the plan you have set has something to do with your benefit, It is more likely to succeed.
Thinking to reduce weight for other’s appreciation is less likely to succed. But if you think that after losing weight, you will look more fit and smart – the plan is more like to work.

3. Try to set a positive goal

You will stop smoking is a great goal, but it is a negative one. The habit that you have developed over a long period of time, is difficult to leave as compared to develop a new habit.

Now what about the goals which are achievable? Do we achieve all the goals which are specific, measurable and even positive? We achieve some goals but miss others.

It means that we don’t have a fullproof way of achieving all the goals.

The actual problem lies with our approach!

I know- We are told to focus on our goals. But the real thing we should focus on is the process or Karma.

Suppose you have set a goal of cracking GRE! Here the goal is GRE and if we focus on GRE, we will bring all the resources like books, practice sets, guides, coaching etc.

But merely having the required resources can’t guarantee success. Moreover focusing just on goals will take you nowhere.

Now what if we change the approach and start focusing on the process! The process for cracking GRE is to keep solving problems from practice sets.

If we remain focused on the process and stick to the schedule, eventually we will be cracking GRE with good marks.

So focus on process, not the final goal

In Bhagvad Geeta, a famous Hindu Epic, similar thing has been mentioned- “You don’t have right over the results, you should keep doing your duty.”


Chapter 2, Verse 47

Let’s consider more real-life goals.

Suppose you want to be a good public speaker. Then you will have to think about the process that helps you achieve this goal. The process would be to speak before some friends or people for 30 minutes.

Now you will focus on your daily 30-minutes practice schedule.

The best thing with this approach is that every day you finish your schedule, you will feel like a winner. This sense of goal accomplishment will give all the motivation for tomorrow.

Gradually you are bound to develop good communication skills and become successful.

So stop thinking of your goal as the most important thing. Rather focus on the process or the Karma and you will almost never fail again!

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