Will Your Resume Impress Recruiters? Here are the Do’s & Don’ts.

resumeSurveys indicate that recruiters on average spend 6 seconds to read a resume. Resume are your first impression before the employer. Followings are some best resume writing tips.


1.       One page resume is the best fit for freshers. No one reads the second page, if not impressed by the first page.

2.       Career objective should be clear and concise in one sentence (if you want to mention).

3.       Mentions only those skills, experience, training and certifications which are relevant for the position you are applying.

4.       Do write the academic project and your role in the project.

5.       Do mention technical skills.

6.       Include position of responsibility and club or society membership if they may help.

7.       Put hobbies & interests only if they may help you in showcasing something related to the job.

8.       Use simple fonts like Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri.


1.       Don’t put photograph anywhere. They will ask for it when you join the organization.

2.       There is no need to write personal information except Mobile number, Email & Correspondence address.

3.       Do not write all those skills, experience, trainings and certifications which are not related to the specific profile.

4.       Don’t write ‘References available on request’.  They will ask for references if required.

5.       There is no need to make any declaration. It is expected that all the information are true in the resume.

6.       No signature is required in the resume, unless asked for self-attesting.

Sample resume format

resume format


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