7 Things You Should Stop Doing Right Now To Be Successful


You may have learnt and done so many things to be successful. There are certain things that you do everyday which is stopping you from being successful.

Someone has rightly said, it is not what we learn that makes us successful, but the things that we unlearn makes us more successful.

These things develop a negative mindset. If you stop doing these things, you will have a positive mindset and will be more successful.

Here are the 7 things that you should stop doing.

1. Making excuses

This is the biggest obstacle in your life. Blaming others for your failure will always never let you become successful, and you will keep blaming others.

I have seen people blaming even god, or weather, or traffic etc. Does blaming others satisfy you? Does it help you in achieving your goal? There are so many things that we cannot control but we should take responsibility of our deeds.

Suppose you didn’t reach on time for a great opportunity, you can blame surely blame traffic. But should you not move early, if you knew there might be delay due to traffic.

2. Looking for shortcuts

You should stop looking for shortcuts which can make you successful immediately. There is no ever such a trick and even if become successful, it will not last.

Suppose you don’t know the neccesary skills for a profile, and somehow you got the job. But is there anything except learning the skill that can let you stay in the job.

People often give you examples of actors, who get fame over the night. But can you see the hard work and practice that he had been doing for so many years to reach that night?

So stop wasting time in searching for shortcuts. There is no one who has not worked hard if he is succeesul.

3. Trying to please everyone

This is one single thing that almost guarantees your failure. You should never try to please everyone around you.

How much good work you do, how much sincere you are, there will be people who would never appreciate you and always try to bring you down. Let them do what they want.

Don’t waste your time and energy trying to make people happy who don’t like you. Instead you should keep doing what you do with a positive mindset.

4. Looking for perfection

This is the thing that will never let you start. Planning is important and you should certainly do that. But you should understand that you cannot learn to cycle by planning hours on the paper.

If you want to learn cycling, you will have to start doing action and then gradually you will learn by falling some times. (This is one of a few things to learn from Kishore Biyani, Big Bazaar Founder).

So if you are planning to do something, don’t over plan for the search of perfection. Instead get on the ground and make necessary changes based on your experience.

5. Comparing yourself

Comparing yourself with others is the thing that will always let you down. There is a basic reason behind this- the definition of success changes from person to person.

What would success mean to an actor and a scientist? For him, having large fan following and getting more fame is a sort of success. For a scientist, doing some research which can change the lives of the people is being successful.

But if the scientist compares himself with the actor, he will never become successful! So comparing yourself with others and chasing their version of success.

6. Running away from problems

There are so many problems in the life, you would have thought to escape for now. But is it going to solve the problem.

Sooner or later you will realize that you cannot run away further. If you to face the problem again, it is better to face it now.

Like your manager wants you to work on each weekend, which is affecting your personal life. If you don’t talk about this problem, will it ever be solved? Never.

If you talk about this problem after a month, your manager will question why you had not informed earlier?

Delaying confrontations with the problems is not the solution. In such situations, it is better to talk straight and express your concern. The earlier you face problems, the easier it will be solved.

7. Being ungrateful

Not expressing acknowledgement to the people for your success, however big or small is something you should stop right now.

Being ungrateful towards others possesses problems in a long-term. If you are successful, you must express acknowledgement to the people who made it all possible.

Certainly there would be such people in your life as well, start from today itself and say a thank-you to them. You will feel better along with them.

If you have something interesting that we should not do for becoming successful. Please share your experience.

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