These 6 Words Are The Secret Behind M S Dhoni’s Midas Touch


The only captain to win all ICC trophies ( World Cup, Champions Trophy and the World Twenty20 ), along with 3 times IPL Winner- It is none other than MS Dhoni.

Dhoni is often said to possess a Midas touch. Everything that he touches, becomes gold!

Many credited his success to luck, but with the passage of time, he proved that he is a genius.

After winning 7th IPL final this year, he was as calm as usual and he credited the victory to the dressing room atmosphere.

Dhoni’s calmness along with grand achievements make him a legend!

I tried to find out the factor behind his Midas Touch and these 6 words are his secret-

Process is more important than results.

Yes, as simple as that.

You should not think much ahead of time and rather concentrate on the process.

By focusing on the process, you keep doing what is to be done at that moment instead of worrying about the result. So this practice boosts your confidence and also prevents you from over-thinking about the results.

Success Secrets

Suppose you are defending a score, then as a captain you should think about which bowler can be used and what will be the field placements.

This way you can concentrate on the process which in-turn helps you achieve the result.

Other factor that helped Dhoni is his ability to manage the relationship between the youngers and seniors in the dressing room.

And yes, he is quite a reserved person. People around him often say that he does not show emotions even to the criticism and comments.

Interview Tips

Obviously responding to criticism will yield nothing. Rather if you try to analyse the things and keep improving, you will eventually turn up to be a winner the next day.

This quality can be seen in babies. If they want to cry, they will. They don’t care about other things.

I had written a similar post some months ago, with the title “Follow this one rule and you will never fail again“. Certainly this approach made Dhoni a legend!

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