5 Tips That Will Help You Wake Up Early


Early to bed, Early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Getting up early is one of the common habits of the highly successful people. When you get up early in the morning, you get some time for yourself when you can do some exercise, work on some personal goal and even plan your business goals.

Most people plan to wake up early in the morning and eventually fail due to several factors like lack of commitment, lack of motivation and lifestyle habits.

Getting up early comes at the price of lots of sacrifices. When you get up early, you feel like winning your day. And It has been proved that this single habit can change your life and make you a winner physically, mentally and financially.

Here are 5 tips that will help you wake up early.

1. Take early dinner

This is simple change that you should start with. It is recommended to have dinner two hours before you go to bed.

The light dinner is better. You should not take anything like tea, coffee or wine before going to bed.

2. No mobile, Laptop or TV

You should not use any of these devices on bed. First, the blue light coming from screens will not let you sleep.

Second, you should not do anything interesting before going to bed like watching favorite TV show or movie or playing mobile games or social media.

If possible, read books for 30-minutes before going to bed.

3. Set your morning before sleeping

Nothing planned in the morning is the most important reason people fail to wake up earlier. You should keep some 15-minutes time before you go to sleep for planning your morning.

You can plan things like what to wear for walking or cycling or jogging or meditation, what to do interesting in the morning, or what to eat as breakfast.

This will act as a goal which is to be accomplished after you wake up early.

4. Sleep at fixed time

Set up an alarm for the sleeping time. Sleeping at a fixed time will ensure that you get enough hours of sleep after you wake up.

It also helps your body to set a biological cycle so that your body acts according to your routine.

5. Morning exercise

A morning exercise is a secret for a great day. You should think of walking or jogging or cycling or even playing some games in the morning.

This will not help you boost your energy level, but also make you ready to face the day. Having some exercise will also improve your productivity level and keep you fit physically and mentally.

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