5 Things To Add To Your Resume — And 5 To Remove Immediately

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What was the last time you updated your resume? No one cares until you need it tomorrow. Updating your resume annually is a good idea.

It gives you enough time to design a resume that represents “you”, not a generic someone.

Even if you may have updated your resume recently, but does it represent you? Does your resume really impress the recruiters?

Here are the 5 things to add to your resume now.

1. LinkedIn profile URL

Log in to LinkedIn and set up your unique profile URL – “LinkedIn/in/your-name”. Then you can add it to your resume right below your name and contact details.

2. Powerful summary

You should write a brief summary that describes you and your background in a few words. You should try to use simple sentences but not the generic ones.

3. Any new job skill

Think about any job skill you learnt recently. Mentioning a new skill in resume leaves a positive impression on the recruiters.

4. Adding proficiency level along with the skills

Suppose you are working as a business analyst and using tools like VBA, SQL, Python and R. What if the interviewer asks you an advanced problem related to a skill, you have no hands-on experience with.

So it is a good thing to mention your level of proficiency with each skill. Example- VBA (Advanced), SQL (Intermediate), Python (Advanced), R (Basics).

5. Simple and complete sentences, instead of jargon

You should stop using Jargons and complex words in the resume. They don’t represent the inner you. Write full sentences which are simple, but represent the real you.

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Here are the 5 things, you should remove from your resume immediately.

1. Objective

Most hiring managers find the objective in the resume distracting. Interviewers hate the generic lines such as “work in a challenging situation” or “result-oriented”.

2. Street Address

No one is going to send a letter until you selected. So it is useless to mention your street address in the resume.

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3. Irrelevant job experiences

If you are applying for a Data Analyst profile, your internship in Electronics company is of no use. You should not mention any job experience which is not relevant to the profile you are applying for.

4. Writing some skill, you wish to be good at.

This is a big trap where most candidates get stuck. Do not write anything, you wish to be good at hoping that the interviewer will not ask questions about it.

Rather write the skills, you are really good at.

5. Declaration

There is no need to mention declaration at the end of your resume. It is already considered that everything you have written in the resume will be correct.

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