5 Questions Which Are Asked In Every Interview

interviewThese are the 5 questions asked in almost all interviews. If you prepare well these questions, you can make sure your interview goes better.

1. Tell me about yourself.

This is the first question in almost 99% interviews. You must practice the answer so many times that you can speak in the same tone even while sleeping.

This question offers an opportunity to capture the interviewer’s attention with a clear, quick and focused response.

This response should give a summary of your background, focusing on why you are a good fit for this position. Identify relevant points supported by your experiences which are mentioned in your resume.

Suppose you are appearing for Python Programmer interview, then your answer would be like-

Hi, I am Mayank Kapoor. I have completed B.Tech in Computer Science from BIT Mesra with a CGPA of 9.4 out of 10. I finished my final year project on Face detection in security systems using python.

I underwent through 3 months internship at Oracle India and worked on python for database security. I was a part of core team in Techfest 2017 organization. I also served as secretary of the coding club for more than a year.

I am a state-level swimmer and like writing programming blogs.

If you analyse the above answer, it has five points- education details, academic projects, internships, positions of responsibility and hobbies.

You can frame your answers based on these points, but make sure to mention only those points which are relevant for the position. No one is interested in listening your entire history.

2. Why should I hire you?

Focus on what makes you unique. What do you offer to an employer? But do not attempt to compare yourself with other applicants. Mention your skills and experiences which are relevant to the position.

A model answer for Python Programmer profile would be-

I have completed my final year project on Face detection in security systems using python. In my internship, i worked on python for database security. I have written several python blogs.

Moreover I was the secretary of the coding club, where I organized lots of coding events. So I believe- my ample experience on python makes me a great fit for the position.

The above answer is a combination of two things- skills and experience. Skills include specific technical subjects and their practical applications. Having relevant skills shows that you fit for the profile.

Experiences include projects, internships, club memberships or event participation. Experience related to the position further increases your value for the employer.

3. Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

Be honest about your career goals. Show that you have realistic goals and ambitions. Explain how this position will help you reach those goals.

You can say- i am not sure where the future would take, but this position will be helpful in making future decisions.

A sample answer for this question would be-

I have plans to appear for GRE. After 3 years, I want to be enrolled in some top US universities for MS courses in Artificial Intelligence. The experience in Industry will further enhance my chances to get a better university.

As you can observe, the answer has your true goal for the future. Moreover it explains how this profile and experience will help you in achieving these goals. While framing your answer, just ensure your future goal appears in-line with the current position.

4. Tell me a situation when you worked in a team.

Everyone gets opportunity to work in a team whether in academic projects, event organization or sports. Prepare a good example which you think, best demonstrates team work.

The objective of the question is to check your understanding of the team dynamics.

An example is given below-

I was a part of core team which organized the Techfest this year. In this event we organized more than 30 events and about 4000 students participated in these events.

The core team consisted of five members. Each one of us were in-charge of 5 departments- Publicity, Registration, Events, Prizes, and Feedback.

I was in-charge of publicity and I was leading of team of 8 people. 4 people were responsible for outdoor publicity and 2 managed online publicity, while 2 other along with me prepared the strategy for publicity.

The event was highly successful and the number of participants grew by 30%. I understand- giving more power to team members, produces better results.

If one notices, the above answer has parts- The situation that you were facing, the actions you took, the outcomes and the lessons you learned. You can also design your answer on these 4 points.

5. Do you have any question?

Again this is the last question in almost 99% interviews. Asking questions is very important because it leaves an impression that you are interested in the organization and have done your homework.

Some questions that you might ask are-

  • What is the general workday for python programmer?
  • What training and development programs are offered for the new joiners?

You must prepare some questions which are not asked commonly because most of your questions will be answered before interview or during the interview. But make sure you have done some research and have some genuine questions.

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