10 Types of Toxic People You Should Avoid Like The Plague

toxic people

You will always win when you surround yourself with good people. 

One secret for living a good life is to have nice people around you- People who understand you, support you in need and rejoice your success. The other secret to remaining happy is to stay away from toxic people.

It is said that if you want to know a person, find his 5 friends. It is almost true that you are the product of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Even if you allow one toxic person around you, that person can divert all your energy, mood and productivity into negative direction.

The problem is these toxic people don’t come with a warning label. Many of them even appear very likable at first becuse most of them are good manipulators!

To stay away from toxic people, you should know who they are like? Here are 10 types of people to cut out from your life as soon as possible.

1. People Who Gossip

“Great minds discuss ideas, average ones discuss events, and small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Making fun of somebody’s misfortunes or personal things appear funny at first. But over a period of time, it becomes tiring and hurts other people.

There are too many positive things to learn from people around us, but toxic people enjoy wasting time and energy in making gossips.

2. People Who Complain

Most toxic people are champions in complaining. They keep criticizing everything including some one who is not present there.

So if come across someone who keeps complaining the system or the people, you should get rid of such people as soon as possible.

3. People Who Make Others Feel Bad

There are certain toxic people whose only intention is to make fun of others. These people have no interest in you, they are just out to hurt you, to make you feel bad or to get something from you.

The good thing is these people can be spotted easily. You should get them out of your life.

4. People Who Blame Others For Their Failure

These people never take responsibility of their actions. They will always blame others for their failure.

They will never hold themselves accountable for their mistakes. Such people never admit that they are wrong. If you do not stay away from such people, you yourself may become like them!

5. People Who Lack Forgiveness

There are certain people who think that they can’t make mistakes. If anyone around them makes a mistake, they never forgive.

Such people are ready to do anything for teaching a lesson to the person who made mistake. Stay away from such people.

6. People Who Judge

Such people are quick to tell what is right and what isn’t. The judgmental people do not want to see the things from others’ perspective.

They just pass on their decisions on anything and will not respect your views. It is better for you to keep distances with these judges!

7. People Who Are One-sided

Any relationship is supposed to be mutually beneficial. There are some toxic people you will find who will only care for their benefits.

Such people may also be found at workplaces, if your reporting manager is only taking benefit of you for his appreciation and does not care for your problems.

In such case, you should make a frank conversation about the relationship or get away from such people.

8. People Who Are Tricky

Such people are great manipulators. They know what you like and what makes you happy. They use this information as a part of hidden agenda.

Manipulators always want something from you. If you look back at their relationship, it is always take, take and take, with little or no giving.

They will do anything to win you over so that they can use you for ever! Beware of such toxic people.

9. People Who Avoid Listening

You may have come across people who talk a lot about themselves but have no genuine interest in listening from yourself.

You barely speak a sentence out and such people will start telling you the entire 10-minutes story. The problem with such people is that they just want to hear himself talk. You should avoid such people as they are of no use.

10. People Who Keep Saying- Calm Down

Yes, some problems are really bigger and it is possible to be more emotional! Such people don’t understand this and they just keep saying- calm down.

In my experience, people who often say ‘calm down’ tend to believe that they are experienced adults and the next person is behaving like a child.

Such people must be avoided as they will never prove to be helpful, rather they will just tell you for calming down.

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