How to Make a Lasting Impression in Interviews

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A lasting impression helps you stand out.

The first impression is made in less than a minute, even before a person opens his mouth. This is mostly based on one’s physical appearance. We are living in a visual society so how you look makes the first perception in the mind of the interviewer. Leaving a positive impact with appearance is easy and in your hands. Read more…

5 Questions Which Are Asked In Every Interview

Some questions are almost certainly asked in every interview.

1. Tell me about yourself.

This is the first question in almost 99% interviews. You must practice the answer so many times that you can speak in the same tone even while sleeping. This question offers an opportunity to capture the interviewer’s attention with a clear, quick and focused response. Read more…

Top 4 Reasons You Didn’t Get The Job Despite Good Interview

You can't correct a mistake without knowing it.

You can’t correct a mistake without knowing it.

Everyone has to face rejection in interviews. But this is particularly frustrating when you know you would be great in the job. Most interviews don’t take time to give an honest feedback to the candidate. Until you don’t know what mistake you are making, you can’t fix it. If your interview went reasonably well and you got rejected, check if they had to do anything with any of the following issues. Read more…

Can You Sell Yourself In a Job Interview?

Showcasing your strengths in effective way is the key.

Showcasing your strengths in effective way is the key.

Most of us are grown with the feeling that talking about your accomplishments is obnoxious. A job interview is a conversation but it is also an exercise to position yourself for the position. The interviewer wants to know what makes you stand out from the other candidates. His job is pick the best. If you fail to position yourself as one of the best, you cannot make the deal. Read more…

How Long Should a Resume Be? Is one page resume fine?

The sole purpose of resume is to invite for an interview.

The sole purpose of resume is to invite for an interview.

Surveys indicate that recruiters on average spend 6 seconds to read a resume. Therefore keeping the resume one page long is recommended. Single page resume helps the recruiters scan the required skills, certification and experience at a glance. Moreover the candidates have to focus on the most relevant details that are absolutely mentioned for a specific position. Read more…

The Top 5 Most Valued Job Skills Every Employer Is Looking For

Some skills are always valued.

Some skills are always valued.

Every job requires different set of technical knowledge and abilities. Beyond that there are certain job skills and competencies that almost every employer is looking for. These skills increase you value in whichever field you are. These are the points that you may highlight in your resume, cover letter and interview talking points irrespective of the position.
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