About CareerChacha

about careerchacha

The idea of CareerChacha emerged from the fact that there are few reliable resources available for placement preparation of the college students.

Lots of resources available on the internet have poor and unreliable contents. It creates confusion amongĀ  the students.

Hi friends, I am Pankaj Kumar, founder of CareerChacha. I am a Data Analyst at EXL Analytics, India.pankaj kumar

When I was preparing for placements in college, I faced a number of challenges while searching for career resources like resume writing, CV writing, interview preparation, trending skills, hottest jobs etc.

Every year some new technology which are better than previous ones, are emerging. So the need to remain updated in terms of skills becomes more important.

Particularly in the era of Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Robotics Automation, the things being taught in colleges yesterday are becoming outdated in the industry today.

It becomes almost a necessity for the students to get the best resources.

So when I got an opportunity, I decided to address this existing problem through my website- CareerChacha.com.

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My mission is to publish the most authentic and well-researched contents on career planning, trends, mistakes & skills.

Coming soon

In future, I am planning to provide career guidance through this platform. However if you have any query regarding career, feel free to reach me anytime.

A psychometric test for career selection is also in the pipeline. This test would help the students select their career based on their interests and inherent traits.

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